Rescuing Leonid: Childhood

Part 1: Childhood

Our ten-year-old selves hurried across the Market Square of Bruges. Our bicycles trembled as we rode over the cobbles. We had to hold our noses as we crossed the Fish Market before turning left. The brakes of Leonid’s mountain bike squeaked as we halted before the arrow-like logo of the supermarket.

‘Bet that I’ll be there first,’ Leonid sprinted towards the revolving doors, while I took the side entrance, outstripping him.

‘You cheated.’

‘I won,’ we giggled as we walked past pink-dressed dolls and plastic tea-sets. I didn’t tell Leonid about the many Barbies that I had hidden away in a box underneath my bed at home. He picked up a Lego space shuttle.

‘I have to clean more often,’ he said, ‘I get twenty francs every time I do, and another twenty if I help with the dishes.’ he placed the space shuttle back. I took a thousand-piece jigsaw from the shelves. Lions, gazelles, crocodiles and zebras all cuddling together in the desert. Saturday evenings meant puzzling with mum. Saturday evenings are my favourite evenings.

Leonid sniffed the pages of a comic book, he rubbed away a nearly invisible spot on its glossy cover before tracing the sharp edges of the paper with his fingers.

People with shopping carts filled with frozen food, soda and crisps formed a long queue which made me question my mum’s insistence that spinach and sprouts are good for you. A lady with a long ponytail, wearing a jogging outfit went through Leonid’s curly blonde hair. She lets us skip the line.

I heard her sighing behind us and tapping her fingers against the cart as Leonid payed for his 200BEF comic book by gathering every five and ten-franc coin that he could find in his Batman wallet.

Thank you so much for reading my piece of flash fiction. This is a story that has four parts, each part tells about a different phase in Leonid’s life.

The second part will be posted next Saturday (the title will become much clearer then as well).

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