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Read my short story ‘Women’s March on Versailles’ in The Copperfield Review.

And here’s a link to a poem which was recently published in Atrium Poetry.

My audiodrama ‘Selkie’ based on Scottish folklore and produced by The Alternative Stories and Fake Realities podcast has been released. Find it here.

Follow them on Twitter for news about more audiodrama’s and find a link to their podcast here. There’s also a Selkie Preview in which I talk about folklore and writing an audiodrama.

The Seven Ravens: a fairy tale that should be a Disney film

If there’s one story that moves me deeply it’s ‘The Seven Raves. This tale was collected by the Brothers Grimm and it deserves its own adaptation for the big screen. The fairy tales that Disney have adapted often have ballrooms, princesses marrying princes and fairies in common. Therefore it would be refreshing to see a …

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