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It has been a huge honour and an amazing experience to work together with The Alternative Stories and Fake Realties Podcast on several projects.

In Scottish folklore a selkie is a being that can shapeshift from seal to human. My audiodrama Selkie is based on this and tells the story of a selkie who is forced to live her life on land and cannot return to the sea. You can view the trailer below and listen to the episode here.

The Witches’ Circle is a short story inspired by the dark witchy folklore of Flanders and can be read in The Seelie Crow, Issue 3.

Naart Stuyck is a short piece of fiction based on Flemish folklore about a haunted bakery and part of the Ghostlore Audio Fiction Anthology. Listen here.

The Folklore of Animals, Creatures, Beasts and Familiars. Listen to this episode here.

Read my short story ‘Women’s March on Versailles’ in The Copperfield Review.

I’m incredibly humbled to share with you all that I’ll be working with the very creative and talented Superstition Sam and the wonderful artist PrairieBones on a new project that will bring superstitions as short stories, poetry and art to your home!

Salt & Mirrors & Cats will be a vintage style literary magazine and to turn this dream project into a reality we need your help!

More information on what we hope to do with the literary zine and how you can help can be found here.


Buy me a coffee so that I can keep writing stories inspired by the wonderful dark world that is Flemish folklore. Anything you can do to help support me is appreciated so much and really makes a difference.


Ghost Ships and Other Spectres that Haunt the Seaside

In this post we’re travelling to the Belgian coastline which is best known for its unsightly concrete apartment buildings and its dreary beaches, but fortunately I have some ghosts for you who make the shore, if not more appealing, at least much more interesting. The Eternal Fisher Fishing for shrimp on horseback was an important…

Faeries and Snakes

For this fairy and snake folktale we’re travelling to Wallonia which is the French speaking part of Belgium. Because the region is known for its misty forests, enchanting waterfalls, streams crammed with mossy rocks and dark caves, it’s unsurprising that tales about fairies follow you everywhere you tread. The otherworldly beings who call The Ardennes…

The Village Where More Witches Lived Than People Without Magical Abilities

Not far away from the Belgian city of Ypres there’s a small village called Beselare that has all the appearances of just being another, normal village where nothing unusual ever happens. There’s a town square, a flower shop, a church, a bakery and a lot of other ordinariness, but at some point you’ll start to…


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