Hello everyone,

Welcome to my website! I have to admit that I’m quite nervous about launching a website. Self-doubt is my biggest adversary, and it’s not an easy thing to combat. I’m trying to put all of these uncertainties aside, and go for it anyway.

Introducing myself is not one of my strongest points either, but here it goes. My name is Signe, I live in Ghent, Belgium, and study at The Open University. My mother tongue is Flemish.

I’m currently working on a novel that takes place during The French Revolution with a bit of fantasy here and there. I’ve been fascinated with history for as long as I can remember. One of my favourite anecdotes is about how a five-year-old me used to run around in the garden carrying a wooden sword, shouting: ‘I’m a Viking.’ Besides that I also write short stories with a contemporary setting, and poetry.

When I’m not writing, I’m reading. The first time I fell in love with the written word was when I got my hands on a copy of The Lord of The Rings. Reading fairy tales was one of my other favourite past times, and I’m quite pleased to say that I haven’t outgrown them. Nowadays I read lots of different genres. I adore the classics, but I also enjoy the works of contemporary authors.

Then there are those times when my eyes need a break too. That’s when you can find me visiting museums and castles, having long walks in nature and exploring new cities. And then there’s research, because learning new things is one of the most exciting things in life.

Also, I think that mushrooms have a magical simplicity, a fairy-like character, and when I come across them in nature they always have that power and energy to brighten up even the rainiest of days.

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